IRD Expense Claims

Claim back up to 5000km's at 74cents per annum, that's $3700 if you are using your personal car for business!


Off-road RUC Refunds

Easily claim back your full Road User Charges (RUC) rate for each kilometre logged as private and off-road travel!


Reimburse Employees

Accurately reimburse employees for mileage claims, and easily verify time spent at each destination!



GPS Log Book

  • Plug-in
  • USB sync
  • Phone charger
  • ONLY $149
  • Subscription:
    $39 per year
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GPS Log Book LiVE!

  • LiVE Tracker
  • Plug-in or install
  • Easy to conceal
  • ONLY $459
  • Subscription: $20 per month excl GST
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The GPS Log Book benefits

Automatically generate IRD Tax Log Books

High sensitivity GPS device to track vehicle usage

Sync with the web software via USB

View trips on the web using Google Maps™

Report on sales visits, driving activity and more

Charge your USB device, SmartPhone or iPhone

Simplest Log Book Device!

The GPS Log Book simply plugs into the power outlet of your vehicle. It immediately begins logging every trip without any set-up or configuration! That’s it! No wires, No Hassle!

Built in USB Charger

A built-in USB outlet allows the user to simultaneously log trips and charge their USB device or smart phone. In addition, device specific cables are available from the online store.

High sensitivity GPS

State-of-the-art GPS technology enables the device to detect and maintain GPS signals even at low heights on the dashboard. The GPS also harness the power of GPS Assist technology which ensures nearly immediate lock-on speeds after shorter stops.

Foolproof Sync Technology

Simply plug your GPS Log Book in to any PC or Mac’s USB port to automatically sync your device as frequently as you choose. Easy to follow setup instructions are presented for the first sync assisting you to register and get started on the website.

Easily Generate Tax and Expense Claims!

The GPS Log Book Cloud Service generates pre-formatted travel reports. Simply select the report you require, input the start and end date and immediately download a PDF. Customer details can be entered for claims and data can be downloaded as a CSV for use in Microsoft Excel or other software.

IRD Compliant Logbooks

Claiming your company or personal vehicle usage rebates and benefits on IRD Tax Returns has never been easier. Did you know you can claim up to 5000 business kilometres at 74cents each! That's up to $3700 per year if you're self employed or using a private vehicle for business travel.

View Detailed Trip data on Google Maps

The GPS Log Book site is fully integrated with Google Maps giving you instantaneous access to view your trip data plotted on Google Maps, including zone-lookup, customisation of zone sizes, satellite view and street view.

Manage Vehicle Fleets & Multiple Drivers

The GPS Log Book Cloud Service supports registration of multiple devices and multiple vehicles under a single user login, this means you are able to output Detail, Summary or Zone (Location) Reports across your entire business with a few simple clicks!


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The GPS Log Book is an Australian-developed product that makes it laughably easy to claim mileage expenses from your company, or as a tax-deductible expense for the self-employed... - PC World

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