GPS Log Book LiVE

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. - Lord Kelvin

The same great online experience you have come to expect from GPS Log Book, only now your trip data is uploaded automatically and you get to see your vehicle on Google Maps™ LIVE!


Know where your assets are all the time. View your vehicles trips as they are happening on Google Maps™.


Take back control by accurately measuring distance travelled, trip duration and stop time.


Whether claiming from IRD, your employer or a client. It is time to get some money back.

Key Features

High Precision GPS

Design from the ground up to be extremely sensitive to GPS signals allows the unit to get accurate positional information even in the most trying of circumstances.

Automatic Sync

Automatic data uploads means no manual intervention is required to see your vehicles live from anywhere.

Internal Backup Battery

The internal backup battery and large memory allow the G50 to track and report when disconnected from power and GSM for up to a week. This also allows for tamper detection.

GPS Log Book Site and Reporting

Integrates seamlessly with GPS Log Book system for first class trip analysis and reporting.

Track Anything

With a large input voltage range of 8-30V the GPS Log Book Live can be used in almost any vehicle or asset.

Track cars, bikes, boats, diggers, dumpers, trailers and trucks and know exactly where they are.

Rugged Versatile IP67 Rated Housing

Water Resistant

The housing is not only splash proof but can be submerged in water. It can safely be mounted both inside and outside any vehicle.

Dust Resistant

The dust resistant housing ensures that the state of the art electronics are always well protected.

Shock Resistant

The GPS Log Book Live can roll with the punches and is ready to be mounted in the most rugged of vehicles.

Easily Mountable

There are four convenient mounting holes that allow the GPS Log Book Live to be mounted securely in any position.

Easy DIY Installation

Internal High-Gain Antenna

Being fitted with internal antennas means that no extra cabling has to be run to the unit. The sensitivity of the antennas usually allows the unit to function even when tucked away.

Plug-In Installation

The GPS Log Book Live comes with a cigarette lighter plug so anybody can install it. It should function from under a seat or the boot of a vehicle.

Fuse Kit Included

If the unit needs to be permanently wired to the car, this can easily be done by a technician with the included fuse kit.

Compact Size

The GPS Log Book Live is both light and compact. This together with its sensitivity allows it to be installed almost anywhere in the vehicle making it easy to concealed.

Whether you are managing a fleet or just want to claim refunds from your own vehicle, the LiVE device represents state-of-the-art telemetric and GSM electronics embedded in a compact, dust and waterproof housing that can simply be plugged in, or hard wire installed.

You can install a LiVE device on just about anything from bikes, boats, diggers and dumpers to trucks and trailers.


Live on
Google Maps™

See where your vehicles are live as they happen. And immediately see:

  • Vehicle
  • Direction, Speed and Position
  • State (Parked or Travelling)
  • Time Since Last Movement

Great for small fleets and call-centres.


How Much does it cost?

For a complete product cost breakdown please visit GPS Log Book LiVE.


The GPS Log Book Web Interface is the backbone of the GPS Log Book system. It allows the user to manage their device/s, view trips and add locations as well as many other useful functions including creating powerful, informative reports. Most notably, a IRD compliant log book can be generated for use with the Income Tax Return for Individuals. Data is stored for more than 5 years and can be viewed at any time if required. All of this data can be accessed from any location, on all major web browsers, using the intuitive, visually appealing Web Interface specifically designed not only to provide administrative functions for the GPS Log Book, but also to make the GPS Log Book an easy to use system with an emphasis on quality, simplicity and customer satisfaction.


Once logged into the web interface, a multitude of useful reports can be generated from the data stored in the system this includes a IRD compliant logbook.


To view a sample of a report, please use the links below.


Physical Housing type Nylon Glass Composite, IP67 rated
Dimensions 124mm x 78mm x 26mm
Harnessing Standard 3 wire (Pwr, Gnd, Ign)
General Approvals CE, C - TICK, ICASA, VESA, SAIAS, FCC
Device Operating Temperature -22°C to +70°C
Accelerometer Yes, 3D
Temperature Sensing Internal
GPS Type High sensitivity, 50 Channel GPS
A-GPS Support Yes, 14 day
Antenna Internal ceramic antenna
Connectivity GSM 2G/3G HSDPA
SIM Single
GSM Antenna Internal
Ignition Input Yes, 0 to 80V, jumper defined
Peripheral Bus Optional
Power Input Voltage 9V-45V DC
Output Range 5V 500mA (DM Peripheral BUS) (Optional requires alternate harnessing)
Battery Lithium Polymer (850mA) (6H full use, 1 weekstandby)
Processor Architecture ARM Cortex-M3
Internal Memory Type Flash
Capacity 4MB (3.6MB for logging data, approx. 12 000 km)